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again, my name is milly. i'm 18 years old, and i have a major interest in computers and how they work. ive been interested in them since 3rd grade, and ive managed to nurture that interest off and on, throughout my youth. currently, ive hit a bit of a slump, so i decided to sit down and flesh out my website! i hate labels, but if i were to describe myself, i would use the terms "transfeminine," "bisexual", and "goof-driven" (a term referring to my inability to get things done unless i find them amusing)

in december of 2021, i decided i would graduate early, so i crammed an entire semester of government into 4 weeks, and finished the entire course just before exams. after sitting at home and watching video essays for hours on end, i realized that i needed a hobby, so whenever i felt like watching a video essay or wasting my time in front of the computer, i decided i would instead work in my webpage. the amount of work i have gotten done on this site in the past few fays is astonishing to me, since im also juggling a job (that i just got!&rapr; but i still find myself binge-watching better call saul from time-to-time. think of this website as a project done in limbo between college and high school, and, uh, genders.

i've realized there aren't really a lot of sites that have gone in depth on what its like to transition in the south, and i felt like having a place to talk about my experience would not only be helpful for me, but any people exploring their own gender. i dont want my transistion to be the only thing on this site, however, i want to talk about other things that may interest me, like video games, computers, and things im nostalgic for.

what is the webmaster's favorite image?

its really difficult to pick, here are a few of my favorites:

what does the webmaster look like?

a single sketch of the webmaster has been found, and many claim that the image is a hoax. according to the story, the paranormal investigator found her as she was "getting a snack from the kitchen."

is it real? what do you think?

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