june 19th, 2022

today was quite eventful!

i had work at 11. i'm currently looking for a different job, so i decided to check out this new bookstore that opened in east nashville before i had to go to work. Its called novelette, or something similar, and the people working there are very nice, but they aren't ready to start hiring.

in the 20 minutes i had to talk to them, i discussed... well... books. I brought up my inital thoughts about Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, and they said that reading through that book was incredible, but it takes a lot of time. it's best read with a few prerequisites (that they convieniently sell! i know this is basically a marketing strategy to get me to come back to their store but i don't care because i would come back anyways and buy a shitton of books after i get paid. they're chill). according to the co-owner, who's name escapes me at the moment, some of DFW's earlier work is much less daunting, and enhances the experience of his later writing. I got a list of books to read if i really liked IJ from her.

as an east-nashvillian, im happy to have a local bookstore a reasonable distance from me. I absolutely hate supporting big business of any kind (i feel guilty shopping at Books a Million or Amazon or Hot Topic, so i almost never do unless someone else wants me to buy them something I can only get from those stores). so the majority of my books came from secondhand stores, many of which are on the other side of town, or local bookstores like parnassus (my last drive to parnassus was an hour round trip in a janky-ass SUV because the traffic was dreadful, and the distance was abhorrant). this bookstore doesn't look like its going to gain the legendary status that parnassus has gained, but i dont think its looking to be a legendary book store; it wants to just be really good at its job.

work was boring, but that wasn't a bad thing? i forgot to talk to my boss about pride, since im scheduled to work saturday and sunday. i feel like businesses shouldn't profit off of pride, but in a later-stage capitalist society like the US, almost anything is going to be monetized. its disappointing, but its not like i wasn't expecting my sno-cone truck to work pride along with (beacons of diversity and acceptance) hardees jr. and cracker barrel. maybe i'm just pissed im scheduled on a weekend again, it feels like thats all i do nowadays.

i spent the afternoon getting pizza with my dad, since it was fathers day and all, and it was very nice! i haven't gotten around to breaking the whole news to him, but i think i will eventually. ive gotten more and more comfortable using my real name around people, and whenever i dont have to use my old name i feel healthier (after i introduced myself as milly to the bookstore clerk, i sang along to an Aha song that was playing on the radio on my way to work, i was very happy about it)

media reccomendation of the day has to be Good and Evil by Tally Hall. I've been really getting into Tally Hall as of late, and that has to be my absoute favorite album by the band. also infinite jest by DFW. i'll add a picture of the list of books at some point, but ive misplaced it and its way past when i should've probably gone to bed.

status update- i got a brand new text editor that doesnt fucking die randomly. i will no longer be using notepad++, i've become an SciTE cultist, which is basically notepad++ stripped of any bells and whistles.