july 12th, 2022

holy shit i have not been active on this site

I've been working on a bunch of projects behind the scenes, and college prep has been kicking my ass at the moment, so i haven't been able to update the website as much. i actually have time to work on the website right now because i was mis-scheduled at work, but this is usually a rarity at the moment.

what's going on?

well, I just got medicated for ADHD, so i'm trying to get used to being on medicine, and im going into the doctors office for hrt on the 20th (eight days away!!). i have a very loving partner and an essay on love that i may have lost, serveral very interesting college classes I'll talk about on here, and an imageboard that i've been working on in light of the elon musk twitter fiasco. im not sure whats going on with that , but it scares me. once i get it done, ill link it up here (but do keep in mind, im a beginner Django developer and my focus is incredibly thin)

im planning on getting back into regularly working on this site, but i'll probably require a bit of routine if im going to do so. i have a LOT of essays in my google drive I'll be willing to revisit, edit, and post on here.... if i remember i have them. a favicon would also be nice.

thank you all for being so patient with me!