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jackhouse radio

a radio station that just plays strange music, its everything i've ever wanted!

simplicity, instincts, and just going for it

possibly the best powerpoint on making art ever, if you have a free afternoon, i highly reccomend reading through it.

flash archive showcase

a collection of about 20 flash games that define the flash era, there's an article from the internet archive about it here. the archive has been preserving a good collection of flash games, including a copy of Pooh's Homerun Derby

pooh's home run derby

an impossibly difficult game for kids! many a gamer have tried to conquer it, and many have failed. this game is a whole lot more fun if you play it with friends

make glitter text :-)

exactly what it says on the tin

vimm's lair

i really appreciate video game preservation, and this website is essential to anyone looking to play older games.

( play mother 3 please play mother 3 its so good please play motehr 3 )

this fucking video:

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