1/9/22 - magnetic tape

today is officially the second day i've had this website up and running! ive been tweaking and fixing the webpage for a bit, and i feel like its not completely horrible at this point, so a legitimate blog post is in order.

while i've been "hard at work" on re-learning css and html, i've been listening to my collection of cassette tapes. as someone who browses webpages on neocities, i appreciate music stored on mediums other than cds or other DRM-infested services. cassette tapes are the perfect medium for someone who doesnt care about very high quality playback, doesnt like spending that much money on music, and wants to be able to play them anywhere, on anything that's able to accept it.

i've found that collecting cassettes is also pretty cheap. most old cassettes can range anywhere from 0 to 8 dollars depending on where you're buying from, and newer cassettes can be around 10 dollars on average, and they usually come with a bandcamp link, where you can grab a DRM-free mp3 file. in nashville, where i'm currently living, there are a few places to get cassettes that i've visited to work on my collection, some of these places are better than others