life update and projects


a lot of things have happened since i first started this site, but i feel like its important to let you all know where i am, mentally and emotionally, so that you guys know what to expect from me in the future.

im currently going through a lot of changes at the moment, so making this site has been very therapeutic for me. I realized i was girl like, a month or two ago? and i hit my 18th birthday very recently. I just got a birthday card in the mail today, in fact, so im pretty new to this "being old" thing.

i just got a diagnosis for ADHD, which makes a lot of sense. my therapist really reccomended i make a website, since its a project i can focus on, and it gives me an outlet to express myself. As an allumni of an arts high school, im incredibly hesitant to make something for myself, but ive been warming up to it the past few days.

i've yet to come out to anyone in my family or my workplace, but when i do i'll make sure i tell you guys. i want people who are going through something similar to find this site and feel validated in their shifting identity. i've found a lot of trans creators that i look up to and i've always wanted to help someone out like those folks, even though im pretty sure Patricia Taxxon is completely unaware of my existence.

in the future, i hope to have an about me page so you all can form a parasocial relationship with me, more buttons, and a blog post on the hit 1999 game System Shock, which has been in the works for like, months now off and on. It'll be a pain in the ass, but i have a lot of things to say about that game. bookmark this site!