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my name is milly, and ive written a few websites, but all of them have been pretty bad. while this one might also be pretty bad, its significantly better than any of my other websites.

ok, what is this site for?

this site is a retreat from the terrifying, corporate-run internet that we all are used to. it funcions not only as an homage to an era that i only got to see the tail end of during my early childhood, but also as a place to but all my thoughts, ideas and projects i feel like sharing with the world. i feel a slight obligation to make a good website, because i dont want some abhorent html to wind up on a webring somewhere... even though i know its inevitable.

I don't proofread well, and i kinda write like a shittier Terry Pratchett (rest in peace). so there will be a lot of grammatical errors on this site. i may or may not fix them later, i refuse to apologize.

jaup certified

maintenence log

8/6/2022 - wahhhh, i edited the site and didnt update this thing months ago!! i added some fun little welcome graphicsto the site that you can look at when you join, there are several, i may manually rotate them out depending on how i feel. i added a new status update to the archive. there are some promises in that post that will probably not be fufilled

6/20/2022 - added a journal entry to the archives, for the past couple of days i've been working on fleshing out that section of the site, so i hope you all enjoy it. content like the journals is pretty easy to produce, even through it isn't really coherent. i just got on medicine for my adhd, so im still getting used to it at them moment. thank you for being patient, mucube fans :-)
6/6/2022 - got some new content for you!!! added an archive, removed the "tumblr" section of the navigation sidebar, uploaded a cassette rip of some possibly lost media? added a new button to the buttons page, new 404 page, fixed willow page that breaks the website
5/9/2022 - made the background for blog cooler, fixed some aesthetic errors for the about me pages and the blog pages
5/8/2022 - later today, i added a lower bar for extra links, it looks a lot neater than it used to be, drew a tiny little doodle to make it look nice, added a new song to the winamp jukebox, and generally performed some cleanup work on the site (fixing broken links, removing the essays page since i made the blog a lot easier to organize, essays will now go there?). the site is visually quite clean and im happy with it. the code looks like shit and i dont know how it works though.
5/8/2022 - fixed the fucking gap between navigation and the main window.
5/4/2022 - hey, its later tonight, i added a new blogpost. it may be the last thing i do for a few days as i write and work at my job lol. buttons page has been added, "about me" has a placeholder page. the blog has been fixed with some horrible fucking iframe atrocity. enjoy!
5/4/2022 - added a maintenence log, since may 1st, i've organized the website a bit, added an essay section, a navigation tab, redesigned the blog, added a few javascript goodies to the main page, and made sure to include the much-needed "willow" page. the goal is to move the essays to the blog, and the blog to a separate website. need to add a "buttons" page, need to add an "about me" page

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